Our History

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The Akwa Calabar Carnival Abuja, is also known as "Akwa Cross Carnival Abuja" (ACCA Festival), established in 2018.

The event is tag as “Africa’s Most Exciting Festival”, held annually every second week of December in the heart of Abuja, and is proudly supported by the federal ministry of information and culture, Nigeria.

Our vision is to bring the true spirit and essence of worldwide carnivals to the federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria. The festival is a fundraising event to charity.

The ACCA Festival is one of the most exciting events that most tourists will usually want to experience when visiting Nigeria. In this festival, you will enjoy various parades from our carnival troops' members, pageantry, troops competition, after carnival concert, talent hunt, parties and lots more. All this excitement will lasts for three days.


Target Market:

✔ Children

✔ Youth

✔ Adult

✔ Entrepreneurs

✔ Business Owners

✔ Multinationals

✔ Cooperate Citizens


Akwa Calabar Carnival Abuja is a 3days running Festival, with mind blowing activities scheduled precisely to created that wow effect we are known for.

Activities Lined up:

Festival Day 1

  • Dry Run (Street Carnival)
  • Bikers/Auto Carnival
  • Cultural parade and display
  • Carnival bands and flag bearers competition

 Festival day 2 

  • Children carnival xmas funfair
  • After carnival concert
  • ACCA festival talent hunt
  • International carnival bands performance

 Festival Day 3

  • Face of ACCA Pageantry