ACCA Beauty Pageant

Face of Akwa Calabar Carnival Abuja is a beauty pageant that was recently established in 2018. We are looking for cultural loving participants who will motivate members of their local communities to take action and protect our rich cultural heritage. Our candidates must be cheerful, intelligent, articulate, innovative, beautiful, and be committed to doing their best to help sustain our rich cultural heritage.

We want to give the community a glimpse into our culture. With our individual talents and the expertise of others we developed a program that allows us to enhance the lives of these young ladies.The Face of Akwa Calabar Carnival Abuja, Nigeria. The primary objective is to provide the youth with training and mentoring that would assist them in becoming self-confident, rounded, well-adjusted people, aware of society and their role in it. We have structured programs tailored to the children we serve and that allows us to achieve our primary goal of youth empowerment. With the help of our staff and volunteers we are truly dedicated to empowering the lives of the youth in our community.