Priscilla Patrick Frank, 2018 Face of ACCA

State- Akwa Ibom Sponsor the next Face of ACCA
L.G.A- Uyo
Place of birth- Garki hospital, Abuja
Date of birth- 16th November 2000
Age- 18years
Hair color- Black
Eye color- Black
Status- Single
Early Life- Priscilla grew up with her parents in Abuja. Her parents are Patrick frank and Mfon Patrick. She has been publicly performing and modelling since she was in the second grade. She graduated from high school in 2018.

From the winner of Face of ACCA 2018

Who said you do not matter, who said you cannot make the right choose to change your life and your nation. The understanding of you really matters a lot. So knowing and encountering the right thing or person determine the progress and success of what you want to achieve in life. In order to achieve success in life, we need the right mind sets and right people around us in every area of our life. Having these we can make the right choose in any areas of our life, like social, economic, political etc. But HOW? It starts from you being right to yourself by doing the right thing and making the right choose for ourselves to make this nation a better one, and having the knowledge of your right in the voting process of your country. By voting, you are participating in being a Nigerian citizen. If one has a strong opinion on a certain subject or a person, it is important to let it be known. In the presidential election, each president had strong views on several different topics. If you do not vote based on your beliefs, for example in the presidential election, then you could have a man in charge of the country whom you have a negative outlook on. It is also important to vote in an election because every vote counts and can make a large difference.

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Priscilla Patrick Frank

ACCA Festival

The event is tag as “Africa’s Most Exciting Festival” and its held annually in the heart of F.C.T Abuja, Nigeria. Our motivation is to bring the true spirit and essence of worldwide carnivals to the federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria. The festival is a fundraising event to charity