Platinum Sponsor/Partnership

As a Platinum Sponsor/Partnership, your brand will appear after the event name in all communications, which means that it will be mentioned thousands at times across all media. The name of event will therefore be styled Akwa Calabar Carnival Abuja 2019 Sponsored by (Your Brand) and your logo will appear on all designs for advertisement, print, online publicity, carnival bands customized polo, video and outdoor media. 

Print Media

  1. Your Brand name and logo will appear on all print and advertising materials including magazines, newspapers, 100,000 fliers, brochures and trade publications for the event circulated across the country.
  2. Your Brand name and logo on 5,000 printed invitations for the carnival concert/Face of ACCA pageantry.
  3. Brand advertisement on the event magazine.
  4. Your Brand logo on event promotional materials such as shirts, caps, wrist bands and souvenir.

 Outdoor Media

  1. Branding as headline sponsor 20 festival billboards spread across F.C.T Abuja, and other neighboring states such as (Nasarawa, Kaduna and Niger state)
  2. Branding on entertainment stages through all the various segments of the event.
  3. Your Brand logo on 50 flex banners circulated at strategic locations around F.C.T Abuja and other neighboring states such as (Nasarawa, Kaduna, Niger State)

Electronic Media

  1. Massive media exposure on TV stations airing the event.
  2. Brand advertisement on TV and radio jingles running for 2 months prior to the event.

On Site Preparation

  1. Opportunity to brand the strategic areas of the festival and event nights.

Online Media

  1. Your logo on the sponsorship portal of our website's homepage with a hyperlink to your Brands website
  2. Your Brand advertised on our Instagram, Facebook, twitter page and other social media platforms


  1. Preferred seating in VIP stands at the festival venues and the Pageantry
  2. Platinum table for 8 valued at N1,000,000 at the Face of ACCA Pageantry

Carnival Bands Costumes

  1. Your Brand logo will appear on 1,000 carnival band member’s costumes