Silver Sponsor/Partnership

As a Silver Sponsor, your Brand is given the opportunity to choose any of the festival events it would like to sponsor. Thus your Brand will appear on selected advertising, marketing and promotional materials including magazines, brochures, newspaper and trade publications used throughout the festival. 

Print Media

  1. Branding opportunity of your Brand on the festival venue for the third day of the festival day (face of ACCA pageantry)
  2. Exclusive media exposure.
  3. Brand hyping by the compare.
  4. Five minutes’ airtime to advertise your brand on stage, on the third day of festival (face of ACCA pageantry)

Online Media

  1. Your logo on the sponsorship portal of our website's homepage with a hyperlink to your Brands website
  2. Your Brand advertised on our Instagram, Facebook, twitter page and other social media platforms


  1. Preferred seating in VIP stands the Pageantry.

Carnival Bands Costumes

  1. Your Brand logo will appear on 100 carnival band members costumes