The name Akwa Gold troop is been derived from the state name “Akwa Ibom State”. The troop is aimed at showcasing the diverse and enigmatic colour of our collective history, unity in diversity. The troop is also known as the "orange Nation" whereby using orange colour as its official colour. The troop is associated or possess the spirit of determination, expression , encouragement, freedom, boldness and success. Although most people refers to the troop as “Akwa Ibom State troop”. The troop “Akwa Gold” Accommodate all members of the society both (the old and the young).

The Flag Bearer And Her Escort:

As the name says, the queen bears the troop's flag, which represent The symbol of the troop (Akwa Gold). The queen is chosen meticulously by her beauty, self-confidence, sociability, nice expression, charisma and dance skills; but above it all, she must have the "Carnival Spirit". The Escort, who is the king is there to lead and protect her. Originally he had a sword and shield to represent and act as the defense of the troop's flag against other competing troops.