The name city angels troop of the Akwa Calabar Carnival Abuja is been regarded by viewers as the most sexiest troops of the carnival due to the large numbers of female participants in thetroop, and their slogan is "the beauty and the brains". As the name implies “City Angels”, the troop is mostly dominated by gorgeous and beautiful females who are mostly resident of the Federal capital territory Abuja. The band official colour is lemon green and with a touch of white derived from her country’s national colour (green white green).

The troop “City Angels”. Is associated or possess the spirit of growth, fertility, freshness, money and ambition. The troop accommodate all ladies in diaspora (within and outside Abuja) and few gentlemen.

The Flag Bearer And Her Escort:

As the name says, the queen bears the troop's flag, which represent The symbol of the troop (City Angels). The queen is chosen meticulously by her beauty, self-confidence, sociability, nice expression, charisma and dance skills; but above it all, she must have the "Carnival Spirit". The Escort, who is the king is there to lead and protect her. Originally she had a sword and shield to represent and act as the defense of the troops flag against other competingtroops.