Trip & Thrillz is identified by its eye catching distinctive colour- purpul. It is one of the most coordinated troop with the main objectives of promoting young talent in areas like music, singing acting, painting and dancing. The band gives room to its members the chance to demonstrate their talent. The troop “Trip & Thrillz” possess the carnival spirit of vitality, passion, higher self, and creativity. The troop is aimed at displaying t paraded annually during the carnival.

The Flag Bearer And Her Escort:

As the name says, the queen bears the troop's flag, which represent The symbol of the troop (Trip & Thrillz). The queen is chosen meticulously by her beauty, self-confidence, sociability, nice expression, charisma and dance skills; but above it all, she must have the "Carnival Spirit". The Escort, who is the king is there to lead and protect her. Originally he had a sword and shield to represent and act as the defense of the troops flag against other competing troops.