Why you should not miss the next Akwa Calabar Carnival Abuja Festival come 2019

Why you should not miss the next Akwa Calabar Carnival Abuja Festival come 2019

The ACCA Festival is one of the most exciting events that most tourists will usually want to experience when visiting Nigeria. In this year's Carnival, you will enjoy various parades from our carnival troops'

members, pageantry, troops competition, after carnival concert, talent hunt and parties. This will be happening in December and lasts for three days. Here are 8 reasons why you should not miss this year's carnival.

The Old Parade Ground

The old parade ground is an area where the competitive troops parades will happen. This is a stadium located in the Garki District of Abuja , Nigeria, Built in the early 1980s, and it has the capacity to accommodate about 5,000 people. Before the carnival starts, the bleachers will be decorated and painted in multiple colours

Parade participants

The troops parade takes place on the day 1 of the festival. The participants, which are the carnival troops will go in a specific order during the parade. During the parade, the performers will do their best to perform their pieces and compete with the other carnival troops.

The Concert

Another popular attractions during the Carnival is the after carnival concert. This is where you can dance and fill your nights with music as well as see lots of colorful and beautiful Carnival costumes, along side performance from top Nigeria celebrities entertaining the large crowd.

Talent Hunt

Another attractions during after carnival concert is the talent show where different participants perform the arts of singing, dancing, lip-syncing, acting, martial arts, playing an instrument, or other activities to showcase skills and compete for a prize.

The Pageantry

Another most exciting section of the carnival is the beauty pageant where different beautiful, cheerful, intelligent, articulated, innovative and sexy models will be competing for the star prize and to wear the crown. This will be held at the third day of the carnival.

Food Fest

Another interesting part of the carnival is the food festival, where different locally/traditional food will be displayed for consumption.
The idea of the food festival is primarily to re-integrate value back into food systems and food culture. Through this festival, communities become aware of the importance of reviving their traditional food practices and production

Cultural/Masquerade Parade

Another interesting moment to look out on is the cultural/masquerade parade of different cultural group from the 36 States. The parade will create a positive atmosphere of cultural awareness and promote tourism in the federal capital territory.

Bikers/Auto Carnival

In this section of the festival, different stunters across Abuja come together to perform motorcycle stunts on motor bikes on public roads and in the carnival venue.